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What to Expect

The Global Leadership Forum is an informal partnership of highly successful men and women who want to invest in the next generation.  


Become a catalyst as you mentor university students. These students are emerging national leaders who will have an impact on the next generation! The GLF model establishes teams of professionals and executives to go on week long international adventures to invest in young leaders’ lives internationally. Spouses are welcome. Below is a general overview of what you should expect on the trip.



Locations in countries including China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Brazil and the Middle East.


Opportunities and Preparation

Participants will get the opportunity to speak in classrooms and lecture settings along with various student organizations. However the most important element of a GLF adventure is the small group interaction that is set up by the lectures. We’ll provide training for both the group lectures and one-on-one consultations in the weeks prior to our departure.


Pace of the Trip

It should be noted that though there will be a specified schedule to follow there is plenty of freedom to choose what activities and speaking events best fit you.


What You Will Do

On a GLF you will have the chance to speak with students in many settings: small classrooms, larger lecture halls, over meals and other settings. Topics include your leadership principles and lessons, tips for success, your professional story, family life and topics that you can relate to your professional and entrepreneurial experiences.


To help you get a better understanding of how your time will be spent, below is a sample from a previous itinerary.


Day 1: Depart en route to location
Day 2: Arrive overseas by roughly 4pm. There will be a team dinner at 7pm
Day 3 - Day 7* (These days are typically spent as follows):

  • 7:00am: Breakfast and daily briefing

  • 8:00am – 11:00am: Classroom lectures and and other meetings

  • 11:30am – 1:30pm: Lunch with Students

  • 2:00pm – 4:30pm: Classroom or individual meetings with students and/or faculty

  • 5:30pm: Dinner

  • 7:00pm: Campus organizations or lectures (or free time)

*There is free time built into the schedule along with additional tourist outings.
Day 8: Farewell lunch with students  and farewell dinner with team (or possible 24 hour in country sightseeing)
Day 9:  Depart en route back to home country



Trips typically take place in the Fall or Spring.



$2,700-$3,500 approximate depending on airfare and specific location. The cost includes transportation, insurance, visas, lodging, most food, materials, and other administrative costs.  Business or first class travel pricing is also available; sample budget available upon request.

*Changes in airfare and or housing can affect overall pricing.


Registration Date

Reserve your spot as soon as possible. Later registrations will typically result in higher airfare as well as higher visa processing fees.

I'm interested, where do I sign up?
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