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What is the Global Leadership Forum?

The association believes that today’s students represent the best and the most promising leadership for tomorrow’s challenges. The Global Leadership Forum connects successful professionals with students and professors. Lectures and seminar sessions are arranged for speaking opportunities before groups of 30, 90, and 300 people. Highly successful professionals share principles, lessons and wisdom drawn from their marketplace experience and life lessons with a variety of audiences typically in classrooms, seminars, and evening lectures on universities around the world.

What People Are Saying

"It’s was such a wonderful experience for our students. They got to know the stories of successful executives and you could ask questions of them. I think for most of our students, in their last two years at college are struggling with career path they need to take and wondering what is waiting for them ahead. The speakers did [a] great job in giving students advice from their own experiences. [It] was a valuable lesson to our students."

Jin Yu, Finance Professor

St. Cloud State, MN

"There were four American business leaders that impacted me a lot too. Each of them gave a speech of about five minutes, and they were dressed neatly and gracefully. The language is so logical that you feel like you’re at a TED talk. They are successful people, but everyone starts by introducing their family and thanking them. That is what we should learn from. They expanded my horizon and inspired me of the new idea of how to start a business and gave me some new ideas. We should pay attention to the little things around us and consider things from an international perspective."

Angela, Student

Yunnan University

"Having the team of American business leaders come to the International Bridge English Corner not only helped to improve the international dynamics of the meeting, but also provided rich but rare opportunities for my colleagues and students to see a different aspect of American culture and society. They got to see business-mind guided by good life principles, which are important for living and working in the current times. I hope that these business leaders can come back and more of their kind can come to our English Corner and classes."

Yang Shizhou, Chairman of the English Department

Yunnan University of Nationalities

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